First Prototype Seedballs Making Machine

How the idea of seedballs making machine evolved? To make an impactful difference towards the increased green cover of India.

Though the initial idea was to plant huge number of saplings, though to even plant one Lakh saplings was time consuming and tiring. That gave birth to the idea of seedballs making machine.

Initially we pledged to make 50,000 seedballs manually on 20th May 2019 and disperse them by 5th June 2019 on World Environment Day.

It started with manually making with the hands and we involved female workers to complete the task but later it seem to be time consuming and tedious job.

If we want to make an impactful difference then we need some idea to make seedballs fast and in huge numbers. From which an idea came of making seedballs making machine.

With the help of Elecon Peripherals Limited (Elecon Group of Companies) the first prototype machine was designed and manufactured within 15 days and inaugurated on 19th June 2019.

Later on we pledged to make 1,00,000,00 Seedballs and disperse them by next World Environment Day i.e. 5th June 2020 with the help of Prototype Seedballs making machine.

The First Prototype Seedballs making machine was inaugurated on June 19th, 2019 by

  • District Collector - Mr. Dilip Rana
  • Shristi school principal - Mrs. Madhumita Jana
  • Acclaimed women farmers from the local area.
  • ACF Shri. Milinkumar Manibhai Rajyaguru

With blessing from Shri Guruji G Narayana

Our prototype machine can produce upto 25,000 Seedballs per day.

Making Seedballs manually was a time consuming job. Seedball Machine offers a convenient and quick way to make Seedballs in large quantities.

In order to achieve the target of 1,00,000,00 Seedballs by June 5th 2020, two more efficient prototype machines were manufactured and added to the project.

Our journey continue to achieve goal...